Upcoming Events

Spend Time with Girlfriends Virtually until further notice!
Check back often for new events.

Our world is changing by the hour and although each of us needs and would love to spend time together in person, we must use common sense and practice social distancing. To that end the League of Girlfriends is hosting various Virtual Gatherings throughout the week to keep you in touch with this Girlfriends Love and to keep you inspired and from going crazy. Please view our Watch Us page and continue to check back for special offerings and resources during this time.

We love you!


  • 4th – Founder’s Day – my 50th birthday will still happen! 


  • 3rd – 5th – Girlfriend’s (IN PERSON) Reunion 

Other Cool Stuff Coming UP:

  • Leadership Academy!
  • Opportunity Collaborative!
  • Little League of Girlfriends! 
  • Future Influences Leadership Program  

Girlfriends send us an email if you are interested in the cruise or have other ideas of places you’d like to go or things you’d like to do.

We’d love to hear from you. LeagueofGirlfriends@gmail.com

2020 Events being added to the calendar daily. Check above for the list of Upcoming Events:
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