Girlfriends Leadership Academy

Is this Right for Me? 

The Girlfriends Masters Leadership Academy was created for Women who want to Level-UP there businesses with like-minded Women who are experiencing similar growth issues with their business.

This Women’s only Academy is a tight knight group of 6 women who provide a place to discuss the problems that are unique to Women. You will be sharing your challenges and wins with an intimate group of Women who can relate, empathize and provide valuable assistance. 

A unique camaraderie, sisterhood, respect and love is a direct result of support that we give one another in this shared circle of trust.

What’s in the Academy?

  • 2 One-on-One Strategy Sessions with Our Founder  ($300 Value)
  • 8 Weeks of Focused Business Development  ($3,000 Value)
    • 8 – Workshops (Confidence Acceleration, Goal Setting, Branding,
      Team Building, New Tools & Deep Dive Social Media Training)
    • 4 – Webinars & Shop talks with Experts in Social Media, Mindsets, Public Speaking & more
    • Private FB Group Chat
    • An Accountability Partner
  •  6 – Consultation BONUSES!  ($1,500 Value)
  •  5 – Branding BONUSES!        ($555 Value)                     

Marketing Bonuses!

                     Angie CJ Sims 

Author | Public Speaker | Action Coach

Angie is a true specialist in the art of influence and transformation. She spent over 14 years at Morgan Stanley and its predecessor firms in critical firm-wide roles such as Deputy Director of Diversity and Manager of Professional Online Development which impacted the firm’s 22,000+ employees.

Four time author of the “Wake Up Girlfriend” series and creator of new Girlfriend authors. Angie has helped 12 Girlfriends become authors. Most recently she coached a 74 year old retired nurse in writing her 1st book and check this dream off of her bucket list. These pocketbook resources for girlfriends were immediate successes and continues to define her as the Girlfriend Whisperer. Her newest book project “Inspiration Thoughts – not just for Girlfriends,” is being released this winter.

Angie’s response to the overwhelming requests from women all over to have better connections with new Girlfriends is the League of Girlfriends which has grown from nine members in May 2018 to over 335 members today. Angie believes that  “Every woman needs and deserves a good girlfriend!”

Angie is the Executive Board President for Atlanta Women’s Network, Georgia’s first business women’s networking organization. She is also the workshop facilitator for young girls at risk in the Destiny’s Daughter’s of Promise non-profit organization. 

Angie lives in Acworth, GA with her husband of 13 years and their 11 year old miracle Christian Alexander Sims aka “Smooch.”

Angie’s Speaking Kit