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Every woman deserves a good girlfriend...

We understand that there is a lot of uncertainty around the impact of COVID-19 for you, your family as well as your businesses and your clients. We also know that God can do ALL things but fail. We will operate in faith and not fear and use good judgement and common sense by practicing social distancing. 

We will stay connected with you because we believe that Every Woman needs a Girlfriend and every Girlfriend needs YOU! We invite you to view our Virtual Girlfriend’s Gatherings. Each exciting episode features our beautiful VIG (Very Important Girlfriend) members who bring incredible messages of hope, inspiration and love along with resources to assist you now and when God moves this virus out of our lives!

Until such time please continue to know that we love you, we are keeping you in prayer and that this too shall pass.

Love your Girlfriend,

The League of Girlfriend was created to allow grown women to make connections with new Girlfriends. I moved to Georgia with the mindset that “You can’t get no new old friends!” Well I was wrong. God changed my mind and my heart and led me to found this important organization. We are a group of everyday like-minded women with different backgrounds and similar stories and NO DRAMA. Our journey together will be supportive, loving and met with trust and Grace. Your life will be enhanced, your circle will be increased and your business support will grow. Come enjoy this Girlfriend love to make your load lighter and find you again!

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